Refresh and renew your home and garden at the Home and Garden Show Edmonton


Fresh ideas for home and garden improvement The Edmonton Home and Garden Show attracts everyone who wants to renew their home and garden and also get some fresh home improvement ideas. Usually held at the Edmonton Expo Centre, the show focuses on a theme each year.

The latest event was designed around the “Restore, Refresh and Renew” theme and had more than six hundred participants exhibiting their products and services. Visitors also get a chance to explore the latest trends for their forthcoming projects. Enjoying the event One needs at least a few hours to fully enjoy the Home and Garden Show in Edmonton and visit all the booths.

The show sees many celebrities and experts who take the stage to share advice and views on different kinds of home projects. The Show’s website has information about the agenda and show timings. for more information vsist

Lifestyle Store for Home and Garden Products

Lifestyle stores present a variety of home furnishing, home decor and home & garden products for home and garden as element of home and garden decoration and embellishment. Lifestyle stores also carry a large range of fashion accessories and fashion apparels for men and women both. Certain home and garden products have been very popular nowadays. Perfumed candles are being used for building an aromatic ambiance in home.Lifestyle also carry exclusive collection of some of the home and garden products like curtains, furniture, wall paintings and wall print actually spruce up the entire look and feel the home.

Home furniture, both indoor as well as outdoor furniture is a vital part of the overall home decor and forms a very important home product. Wall plaques also make a great choice for the home decor. Nowadays, several funny wall plaques are also available in market. Some these wall-plaques are inspirational and some are funny wall plaques. Lifestyle store present many options of home decor and home improvement.Lifestyle store for home and garden products help people to create a home where people can relax and bring comfort to life. People spend half of their life at work place and the rest half at home. Everyone is looking for spending quality time at home. Lifestyle stores improve the life of the people and they have a lot to do with the quality of life people have at their homes.

As a matter of fact, the home and garden products also has impact on the way people feel and behave.For a lot of people home is an expression of who they are and they express their individuality by home decor and home furnishings. Variety of home and garden products make a home truly a home. People can really indulge into luxury; thanks to home decor and lifestyle stores.Home and garden products beautify the home and home decor stores and lifestyle stores present many home decor elements add beauty and elevate ambience make a fashion statement about home.

Discoveries In My Home Herb Garden And Talkin Dirt On Chives Herb Plants


You can dive into growing a home herb garden in sublime blissful ignorance.  Especially if you choose chives plants as your path to grow herb garden plantings. I speak from earthy experience. Despite many missteps and blunders, somehow my chives plants were flourishing and bountiful.I admit a happy chance landed those chives plants into my life some years ago. Yes, I stumbled into beginning my own home herb garden by planting chives plants aplenty! Usually people are led into planting an herb garden by their love of cooking with herbs. Nope. Not me. While an avid novice gardener, herbs were totally lacking in my cooking. But, an encounter with chives plants in my herb home garden changed all that. The entire experience drew me to introduce you to chives as an herb plant for your garden and share my tips and discoveries gardening with chives herbs taught me.

Typically people think of chives as these dried up little green pieces that look like cuttings from your lawn. Sadly little taste survives in this dried version. Most of us are introduced to using chives as an herb simply as a condiment for a baked potato…sour cream with chives. Due to its past classification as a common household herb, the fascinating features of chives as a plant and herb have been much maligned. Here’s what I unearthed as a beginner planting my own home herb garden when I somehow mistakenly ordered 9 chives plants, but intended to get only 1.The Basics Of Chives Plants For The Home Herb Garden Chives are part of the onion family but the flavor is much milder and more subtle.

Until you’ve tasted fresh chives you won’t believe the difference in taste from those dried up commercial counterparts sold at the store. Chives grow in clumps, which is why they’re always referred to as plural. The upright green shoots growing from the clumps are really called the leaves of the plant.Growing chives is a dream for beginners gardening herbs at home. I’m prime proof of how easy it is. In fact, for ease of growing I put them in the category of daylilies because they’re so indestructible no matter the amount of rain or scorching heat.